What is Kinesio tape?

Invented in the 1970s by a Japanese Chiropractor, Kinesio tape is a therapeutic tape that has been said to reduce pain and inflammation of muscles. Kinesio tape is unique in that it protects the skin while allowing a wide range of movements, unlike other non-elastic tapes. The tape is made of cotton, making it as elastic and pliable as human skin, as well as breathable.


You can use Kinesio tape when you feel pain from muscles, sore or swollen areas around the body. It can be stuck anywhere around the body where bare skin is exposed, as long as the skin is not damaged. The tape can be left on the body for up to 4 days, helping speed up your recovery significantly.


The lifting motion of Kinesio tape relieves pressure on pain receptors, easing the tension and providing lasting relief. Additionally, the taping allows lymphatic drainage channels to drain, reducing the swelling around a certain area. Lactic acid is also moved away from the area by this lifting motion, easing muscular fatigue or DOMS.

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