Recovery 101

Something people tend to forget is the fact that muscles aren't built in the gym but during the recovery phase.

Recovery is vital for high-level performance because it is the period in which your muscles have the opportunity to grow. You should prioritise a structured exercise recovery routine to maximize muscle gains and train effectively in the future.

During strenuous training, muscles have tiny injuries called micro tears. Throughout recovery, an adequate amount of nutrients and blood will be transported to help build muscle mass. The recovery process can also be quite sore due to lymphatic water that swells the area.

Recovery starts immediately after working out when your heart rate begins to return to its normal pace. You should do static stretches (toe-touching, lunges, tricep stretch, etc.) for each muscle group that was used during the workout. We also recommended that foam rolling is not done until at least a day after the workout.

Recovery continues the day following the workout. You should continue doing static stretches to prevent stiffness and can proceed with using a foam roller to speed up recovery. Walks, hikes or light jogs are alternatives for active recovery.

If you are able to, getting a massage or going to a sauna can help relax the body and increase blood flow, reducing any lingering soreness.

You should also aim to sleep for around 8 hours a day, eat protein-filled foods such as chicken or whey protein after your workout, and drink enough water to remove toxins and get rid of soreness. Pro tip from ELAVAIT: take some magnesium citrate to alleviate cramps.

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