How to plan the optimal workout

New research has shown that the sequence of movements in your workout can affect you significantly.

In order to achieve optimal results, you’ll need to be organized with a proper workout routine and structure.

Prior to your workout, you shouldn’t be stressed or mentally fatigued, as this tenses your muscles and increases your risk of injury. If you have any pain or injuries in the first place, do not work out.

Before stretching, always start off with light cardio, on a cardio machine or outside. This will prevent tearing of the muscle during the workout as your body can warm up before stretching. After 7 minutes of light cardio, you can do some dynamic stretching to increase blood flow. The warm-up routine should last about 7-10 minutes, and by the end, your body will be prepared for intense movement.

As for your main workout,  it is recommended that you incorporate a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 exercises per muscle groups. 

Your workout should be no longer than 90 minutes, otherwise, you will experience fatigue and be susceptible to injuries. The amount of cardio, endurance training, and strength training that is appropriate varies depending on your goal- which ELAVAIT provides. Simply enter your goal, and ELAVAIT will create a customizable workout plan that includes all the information needed for a workout that is tailored to your needs.

After your workout, you should always do static stretches to cool down and lower your heart rate. Recovery starts right after the workout, so make sure to replace lost fluids and stretch all the muscle groups that were targeted during the workout.

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