Why should you do a fitness test before you start working out?


Before starting a fitness program such as ELAVAIT, it is crucial to determine your baseline fitness level and abilities by taking a fitness test. Fitness tests are also effective in preventing future injuries and measuring progress.


As part of the fitness test, exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups measure the maximum force a certain muscle group is used and the maximum amount of repetitions one can do. In addition to body weight exercises, strength exercises that involve weights such as single arm rows are also a crucial part of the test. Strength exercises helps establish the amount of weight that challenges your body without hurting it. With all the necessary information, ELAVAIT can customize the most appropriate combination of workouts and exercises based on your fitness levels.


Don’t fret, because ELAVAIT has it all covered for you. Based on ELAVAIT’s customised fitness test, we are able to calculate the right weights to use and exercise intensity for every customer. That way, training will be safe yet effective and challenging enough. As your body progresses, another fitness test can be taken later on to determine the new baseline weights needed and exercise intensity. Click here to get 2 weeks ELAVAIT PRO for free!


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