Gaining weight but exercising? Fat vs Muscles

If you are seeing the number on the scale creep up after countless gym sessions, don't fret. Much too often, people assume that an increase in weight equates to higher body fat, though this can't be further from the truth - not all pounds are created equally.

Here's the deal: A pound of fat takes up 4 times the space of muscle tissue in your body. When comparing 500g of muscle and 500g fat, despite the equal their weight, fat takes up far more volume and space. An individual with more fat would appear bulkier than one who has more muscle.

When you build lean muscle mass, the muscle requires extra energy, increasing your metabolic rate at rest, or simply, how many calories your body requires when it isn't active. On the contrary, fat doesn't have a purpose except for insulation and warmth. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn.

ELAVAIT recommends you to incorporate a healthy mix of endurance, cardio, and weight training as part of your regular routine. This way, you are able to burn fat and gain lean muscle simultaneously. Even if the number on the scale goes up, keep in mind that the muscle you are gaining, in the long run, will give you the toned appearance you desire.

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