Do girls get bulky from lifting weights?

Getting bulky is a common concern when it comes to females and weight lifting. We’re here to debunk that myth- weight lifting is equally as important for women as for men!


Simply put, men have higher testosterone, the predominant hormone responsible for muscle growth, allowing them to build muscle much easier. The fact is that most women don’t have enough testosterone to build the same amount of muscle mass as men. For women to get to a point where they would be considered “bulky” requires years of extreme training, dedication, and eating in a surplus. The only thing weight lifting does is make you stronger and leaner.


Many females who incorporate strength training adhere to the belief that “women should use lighter weights but do more reps” to attain a toned physique. Doing this will increase muscular endurance, but won’t do much to change your physique and increase lean muscle mass. In order for the training to make a change to your body, you'll need to amp up the weights.


Lifting weights also reduces your risk for osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and Sarcopenia (loss of muscle). It has also been proven over again to be incredibly beneficial for the heart, stress levels, and agility.

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